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INTERNaction is an initiative creating a bridge between university students and human rights NGOs worldwide. We aim at mitigating the shortage of human rights internships and simultaneously providing exposure to local NGOs. We match personalities of students with profiles of NGOs, to ensure an enriching experience for both. 

Are you a passionate and driven student who wants to live a true rewarding experience? Check out our partner NGOs worldwide and apply! 




Does the COVID-19 outbreak affect the Summer 2020 internships? 

INTERNaction provides internships for Summer 2020. However, taking into consideration the COVID-19 outbreak, we cannot assure you that all internships summer 2020 will take place. The health and safety of students and NGOs members is the highest priority of INTERNaction. Hence, we continuously monitor the situation via constant contact with our partner NGOs and will keep everyone informed should changes or cancellations be necessary. Currently the applications are still open, so if you are interested in having a summer internship to change your future, apply now!


To make the job sphere one where passion is translated into experience, starting at an early stage of everyone’s educational journey.



INTERNaction is committed to create a platform securing tools for younger generations to shape their own future through practical experience.



INTERNaction is a team of twelve members coming from twelve different cultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds. We, first-handedly, experienced the frustration of not finding valuable internships because of lack of contacts. After few months of thorough research, we have noticed how many NGOs are contributing locally with such great work, yet lacking voice in terms of media coverage and international setting. 

INTERNaction is now working with organizations, university professors and internship offices worldwide, making the process easier, more secure and rewarding. Our position has a twofold advantage: on the one hand, we do understand and share the needs of students.  On the other hand, the collaboration with university staff and NGOs representatives makes it easier to bridge the gap between students and NGOs.


"I truly believe the only way we can create global peace is through not only educating our minds but our hearts and our souls "

Malala Yousafzai