INTERNaction is a student association that connects driven students to NGOs worldwide in the advocacy for human rights.

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In The Advocacy For Human Rights


raise awAreness

As students, it is difficult to find a way to actively advocate and promote human rights. 

Our Human Rights Blog draws attention to sensible topics and gives you a space to engage and voice your opinion

Be the human rights activist that is in you!


practice your knowledge 

For us an internship is not just an experience to write down on your CV.


We make visible internship opportunities that can make you discover your passion and your role in the world.

Make a change now!


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INTERNaction is the platform between students and the NGOs network. We are people, connecting people, for people's rights.

Become a member of INTERNaction to easily connect with students and NGOs in the advocacy for human rights!


Conducting an internship at a human rights NGO in the Philippines was an enriching and humbling experience to say the least. Encouraging victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking to fight for justice through legal means and seeing the success with your own eyes was the most fulfilling part of the whole experience. I believe that the unique system of interns being able to interact with the victims of such heinous crimes increases the persons’ understanding of the psychological/mental effects of abused children, which is oftentimes forgotten.


Does your NGO promote and protect human rights? 
INTERNaction creates a bridge between your non-profit organisation and passionate students. Contact us to make your NGO internationally visible to the future generations. 
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