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A Breeze of Hope

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"We envision a world in which children grow up in loving and richly nurturing environments in which they can experience the fullness of life."

Breeze of hope is a Bolivian non-profit organisation contributing to the prevention of sexual violence and other forms of violence (e.g. addiction, ill health, abandonment) against children. Their mission starts from ensuring free support to those who have suffered childhood abuse, by seeking justice on their behalf through the legal prosecution of sexual predators.


The core of Breeze of Hope’s strategy is to provide free psychological, social, medical, and legal services to deal with short-term consequences of abused children. In the long-run, Breeze of Hope aims at enabling the restoration and rehabilitation of violence survivors, so to guarantee children the right ‘to grow up in loving and richly nurturing environments in which they can experience the fullness of life’.


What You Will Do As An Intern

  • Shadow a lawyer and support the attorney in all the necessary legal proceedings.

  • Going to trial and assisting in hearings.

  • Writing briefs for appeals.

  • Supporting in preparation of witnesses.

  • Reviewing forensic psychologists’ testimonial statements.

  • Sitting in on trials and in-taking interviews when appropriate.

Are there any non-legal tasks the intern is expected to do?

Breeze of Hope employs a trans-disciplinary approach, which integrates therapy, legal and social support. Hence, it is possible that Interns will shadow lawyers engaging with families, participating in trainings, providing human rights trainings, participating in healing educational activities etc.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Law student (Bachelor/Master) or attending law related courses, passionate about human rights. 

  • Interns must have a fluent conversational Spanish, which is the necessary language to assist during hearings and communicate with the shadowed lawyer 

  • Interns must have a criminal background check (child abuse clearance, can be easily provided by law enforcement agencies of the Intern's country of origin).​


Internships are available all year long.  


A minimum of 4 weeks to 1 year (those staying longer than 3 months have extra visa requirements)

Working Hours 

8 hours per day for 5 days per week (Monday through Friday), for a total of 40 hours per week. Occasionally there may be activities on the weekend. 

Location (in person/online)

In person in Bolivia at our centre for child survivors of sexual violence.

Application procedure 

  1. Apply via the INTERNaction form (click "Apply") - applications open 17.3.2021 at 9am

  2. INTERNaction holds interviews and pre-select up to 5 best candidates

  3. Pre-selected candidates will have to comply with BoH formalities (a written form and a zoom call)

  4. BoH confirms the 5 best successful candidates and establishes a first contact via email​

Covid-19 related Requirements and Regulations

  • Intern must abide by all health measures that are being implemented in Bolivia at the time of internship must be rigorously followed. 

  • Interns must use masks and all the PPE measures advised by the WHO.

  • Intern must have a Covid-19 vaccine. This is because, unfortunately, it will not be safe for interns to travel without a vaccine. The health systems in Bolivia are not equipped to manage COVID-19 patients. Thus, if an intern cannot get a vaccine, Breeze of Hope will have to decline their internship.

  • No negative COVID-19 test result at the beginning of the internship is required.

  • No quarantine before the start of the internship is required.

Intern at Breeze of Hope


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About Breeze of Hope

Who is Brisa de Angulo


Brisa De Angulo has always been driven to provide an educational journey to children that would not include violence or fear. After being a victim of sexual abuse herself and experiencing the poor trial system of Bolivia, at 17 Brisa De Angulo founds the first safe home to provide a place welcoming and nurturing children and girls. Then, in 2004, Breeze of Hope starts to provide free social, legal and psychological services to victims of sexual abuse. Thanks to Breeze of Hope, the trial process has been revolutionised and more than 50.000 judges, attorneys, psychologists and teachers have been trained to approach sexual abuse cases in the best way possible.

Areas of Work 
Work of Breeze of Hope

Direct Services and Prevention of Sexual Violence 

Bolivia has the highest rates of sexual violence against women and children in all of Latin America with 70% of all Bolivian women suffering the horrors of it, but one of the lowest rates of reporting to officials. A Breeze of hope follows an approach that aims to shift the socio-cultural structures and beliefs that perpetuate this phenomenon.


It brings survivors, practitioners, and organizations together to encourage new thinking about the root causes of child sexual violence, community responsibility for ending sexual violence, and comprehensive childhood development. Through their programs, they provide free legal, psychological, medical, and social services to child victims of sexual violence. Along with technical and financial support, A Breeze of Hope engages in a wide range of prevention activities that include workshops for professionals and students, media presence legal reform advocacy and social activism. 


Comprehensive Childhood Development

Children must be seen as the social protagonists of today’s societies, as holders of rights and competences which must be protected and respected. However, it has become a global phenomenon that their rights are systematically violated and their wills neglected through violence and other forms of mistreatment.


Through comprehensive childhood development activities, A Breeze of Hope aims to work with children, families, educators, governmental as well as international human rights agencies to change social patterns. These activities include consultation services, workshops and trainings on skills and information to create healthy environments for the child. They also engage in systemic advocacy for children’s rights.  

Awards of Breeze of Hope

Some of the prizes that A Breeze of Hope has been awarded

BOH cnn hero.jfif

CNN Hero

BOH elevate award.png
BOHworld of children.png

World of Children 2019

Protection Award

The Elevate Prize

BOH bbc award.jfif

BBC Outlook Inspiration

2018 Award Winner

BOH dining for women.jpg
BOH with and for girls.jfif

Dining for women 

With and For Girls

Global Award

Do you see yourself working in the A Breeze of Hope team? Are you driven to promote and protect human rights in Bolivia ? 


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