A Breeze of Hope

A Breeze of Hope is a Bolivian non-profit organisation contributing to the prevention of sexual violence and other forms of violence (e.g. addiction, ill health, abandonment) against children. Their mission starts from ensuring free support to those who have suffered childhood abuse, by seeking justice on their behalf through the legal prosecution of sexual predators. The core of Breeze of Hope’s strategy is to provide free psychological, social, medical, and legal services to deal with short-term consequences of abused children. In the long-run, Breeze of Hope aims at enabling the restoration and rehabilitation of violence survivors, so to guarantee children the right ‘to grow up in loving and richly nurturing environments in which they can experience the fullness of life’.

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What you will do

  • Provide free services to child and adolescent survivors of sexual violence. 

  • Choose a lawyer to shadow and support in research. 

  • Attend hearings 

  • Preparing arguments and evidence for appeals

  • Reviewing forensic psychologists’ testimonial statements, 

  • Sitting in on trials and in-taking interviews when appropriate.

Timing and Duration 

Minimum 4 weeks is required. Between 15th May and 15th August.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Maastricht University student (Bachelor/Master)

  • Law faculty students or attending law related courses 

  • Passionate about human rights 

  • Conversational Spanish (encouraged to take Spanish courses during the internship for 5 USD per class with one-on-one tutor) ​

N.B. This internship is unpaid, there is no remuneration provided. 

Specific Application Requirements 

Please send us your CV and motivation letter in which you answer the two following questions:

  1. Reflect about yourself (personality characters, educational background, previous experience etc.), how can you contribute to the NGO you are applying to? 

  2. Do you have knowledge of human rights violations worldwide that are closely connected with the work of the NGO you are applying for? What drives you to work in this specific human rights field? ​

  3. Don't forget to specify when you would like to have the internship (initial and final date of the duration of the internship), in order to smoothen the required arrangements with the NGO.

N.B. if you wish to extend the internship to the new academic year, this may be arranged depending on the NGO's availability. ​

The motivation letter shall not exceed one A4 page - in Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing. Please send your CV and motivation letter in pdf form to headoffice@internaction.org.

More about A Breeze of Hope

Who is Brisa De Angulo? 

Brisa De Angulo has always been driven to provide an educational journey to children that would not include violence or fear. After being a victim of sexual abuse herself and experiencing the poor trial system of Bolivia, at 17 Brisa De Angulo founds the first safe home to provide a place welcoming and nurturing children and girls. Then, in 2004, Breeze of Hope starts to provide free social, legal and psychological services to victims of sexual abuse. Thanks to Breeze of Hope, the trial process has been revolutionised and more than 50.000 judges, attorneys, psychologists and teachers have been trained to approach sexual abuse cases in the best way possible. 

Learn more about A Breeze of Hope and Brisa De Angulo

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