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"[...] to help create a conflict-free Africa built on the principles of justice, accountability, the rule of law and respect for human rights.."

Ridhika in Swahili means "to be content" and it is the ultimate goal of the Centre for African Justice, Peace and Human Rights. To be content in conflict -free Africa, built on the premises of justice, accountability and human rights. How can we achieve this? 


CAJPHR goes back to the roots of communal development, that drives the motto "Africans must work together to grow together". Widespread sensitisation and capacity building are the two driving forces that brought 30 multicultural professionals together to strengthen local communities in Africa.


They promote justice, peace and human rights through:

  • education and awareness, via the distribution of informative books and reports and sponsorship of charity projects at local public schools
  • campaigns, events and trainings, aimed at creating a dialogue between African communities
  • legal outreach, in order to build capacity in Human Rights and Criminal Law. 


Their Teams:


At CAJPHR, women empower other women that have been faced challenges throughout their migration and that, because of their life experiences, have low-self esteem and inferiority complexity. To this end, CAJPHR organises workshops and trainings aimed at providing an entrepreneurial spirit and guidance in the Dutch market. Women are the future peace-builders and CAJPHR ensures to light the fire in every girl in Africa, by educating them with second-hand books collected in Dutch schools. The future is female! 


CAJPHR tirelessly works to achieve the UN SDG No 4, to promote lifelong learning opportunities by “building and upgrading education facilities that are child, disability, and gender sensitive in order to provide a safe, non-violent, inclusive and effective learning environment”. They do so by ensuring that children have access to essential school facilities in impoverished communities. In 2019, this Team successfully provided toilet facilities to 700 children and teachers in the course of the Enagu project at the Independence Layout Primary School in Nigeria.


Capacity Building is the driving force and motto of CAJPHR, revolving around peace, justice and human rights. These premises can be achieved with necessary legal knowledge and expertise, and this is where CAJPHR plays a key-role. They organise trainings, conferences and workshops where legal experts from The Netherlands share their knowledge of International Criminal Law with legal professionals and law students in the African west regions. After these trainings, students and professionals can apply their learnings in their domestic judicial systems,  exactly where the change is needed and possible! 


UN SDG 16 goes that “people everywhere need to be free of fear from all forms of violence and feel safe as they go about their lives whatever their ethnicity, faith or sexual orientation”. Accordingly, CAJPHR aims at bringing awareness to the topic of sexual violence of the male gender and break the silence revolving around it. They do so by organising conferences in partnership with Dutch Law Schools. Sub-projects of this team are: the research and database project and the legal writing and publication project, which emphasise the need of more accessible literature on male sexual violence as well as the existing national policies in African domestic systems.

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