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Child Rights Center Albania (CRCA) 

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"The child is born as a bearer of rights, and these rights need to be respected from everybody"

CRCA aims at protecting children, minorities and women from violence, abuse and exploitation. CRCA advocates for the promotion of a just society based on human rights and non-discrimination, by means of public statements, letters to officials and public protests.


CRCA is also concerned with the improvement of future legislative instruments and it indeed researches legal issues related to human rights in Albania and proposes policy changes where necessary. The ultimate goal of CRCA is to promote a society where intolerant and discriminating feelings do not hold against the relevance of the protection of human rights in any circumstance.

Area of Work and Publications 
Intern at CRCA


What You Will Do As An Intern

  • preparatory desk research; 

  • study of EU advocacy methods;

  • legal analysis of human rights situations, focused on discrimination, minority, women and children rights;

  • drafting training modules for law student;


Are there any non-legal tasks the intern is expected to do?


Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Law student (Bachelor/Master) or attending law related courses.

  • Interns must have a fluent working English.

  • Good knowledge of legal aspects in the field of human rights particularly focusing on children and youth rights.

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft office package.

  • Excellent writing skills, policy documents, research documents related etc.


June 2022 - July 2022. Note that in August, the CRCA offices are closed, so no internship can take place in this month.


2 months internship, depending on the needs of the intern.

Working Hours 

4 days per week, for 3 to 4 hours per day (or longer, if it is the wish of the intern)

Location (in person/online)

In person at the offices of CRCA in Tirana (Albania), in combination with online activities due to the covid-19 outbreak.

Application procedure 

  1. Apply via the INTERNaction form (click "Apply" on this page) - applications open between 20.03.2022 at 10am to 10.04.2022 at 12am

  2. INTERNaction holds interviews and pre-select the best candidates

  3. Pre-selected candidates will have a zoom call with CRCA staff 

  4. CRCA confirms the best successful candidate and establishes a first contact via email​

Financial Matters & Accommodation


CRCA does not provide meals nor accommodations facilities, yet it can help the interns to find an accommodation. 

Public transports cost 40 cents a ticket, alternatively the intern might hire a bike to reach CRCA from their accommodation.

Covid-19 related Requirements and Regulations

  • Intern must abide by all health measures that are being implemented in Albania at the time of internship must be rigorously followed.


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Work of CRCA

CRCA Areas of Work

CRCA image 9.jpg

Free Legal Aid

Free Legal Aid Office for Vulnerable Children and Youth in Albania (FLA) was established by CRCA Albania and is the first legal office set up by an NGO to protect children and young people in Albania. FLA has been in operation since 2001 focusing on protecting the rights and freedoms of children and youth in Albania from the acts of the public administration and institutions in Albania. Since 2001 more than 150 issues have been followed and over 2000 children and young people have benefited from  Strategic litigation, defence and legal counselling, advocacy for rights and access to justice, are among FLA main priorities

CRCA image 5.jpg

Women in Politics

‘Women and Youth in Politics’ is a series of projects to Support Youth and Women in Politics which are implemented by CRCA from 2005 till now. The program aims to promote democracy and good governance through political parties and civil society groups. It strengthens women, youth and minority political forums and civil society groups to participate and influence the political and decision-making processes of Albania. Main actions include: capacity building for women and youth political forums, information, education and awareness on the role and importance of women and youth participation in governance and political processes. 

CRCA image 2 - Αντιγραφή.jpg

Juvenile Justice

The oldest program of CRCA is called "The Sky is for ALL" and revolves around children rights in prison facilities. CRCA ensures that prison staff as well as police officers are aware of and comply with children rights standards, from a legal and psychological perspective. The work of CRCA has been defined in a guide for penitentiary systems in Albania, which, with the support of UNICEF and Save the Children, was implemented in in the Vaqarr Prison, the juvenile section and later at the Kavaja Juvenile’s Institute (October 2009)

CRCA image 7.jpg

Roma Children 

The joint UNICEF initiative ‘Every Roma Child in Kindergarden’ implemented by CRCA Albania and other NGOs aims to build and support local networks in early childhood issues and the integration of Roma children in the pre-educational system.It seeks to facilitate the integration and attendance of 3 to 6 year old children that belong to the Roma community and to bridge the interaction and close cooperation of the civil society with institutions that provide care and protection for children.

The initiative has a special focus on making the pre-school educational system a friendly environment for children including those belonging to the Roma community. In this regard, it will introduce successful models of integration of children belonging from marginalized and excluded groups in the educational system and society in general.

Do you see yourself working at CRCA? Are you driven to promote and protect human rights in Albania ? 


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