Child Rights Centre Albania (CRCA)

CRCA  aims at protecting children, minorities and women from violence, abuse and exploitation. The CRCA advocates for the promotion of a just society based on human rights and non-discrimination, by means of public statements, letters to officials and public protests. Additionally, CRCA is also concerned with the improvement of future legislative instruments and it indeed researches legal issues related to human rights in Albania and proposes policy changes where necessary. The ultimate goal of CRCA is to promote a society where intolerant and discriminating feelings do not hold against the relevance of the protection of human rights in any circumstance.

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Timing and Duration 

4 weeks in July, no extensions possible to August


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Maastricht University student (Bachelor/Master)

  • Law faculty students or attending law related courses 

  • Passionate about human rights


N.B. This internship is unpaid, there is no remuneration provided. 


Specific Application Requirements 

Please send us your CV and motivation letter in which you answer the two following questions:

  1. Reflect about yourself (personality characters, educational background, previous experience etc.), how can you contribute to the NGO you are applying to? 

  2. Do you have knowledge of human rights violations worldwide that are closely connected with the work of the NGO you are applying for? What drives you to work in this specific human rights field? β€‹

  3. Don't forget to specify when you would like to have the internship (initial and final date of the duration of the internship), in order to smoothen the required arrangements with the NGO.

N.B. if you wish to extend the internship to the new academic year, this may be arranged depending on the NGO's availability. β€‹


The motivation letter shall not exceed one A4 page - in Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing. Please send your CV and motivation letter in pdf form to



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