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INTERNaction is growing and glowing and welcomes new members onboard! At the beginning of each academic year (September) we open applications to join one of the Committee as an active member. We also renew our Board for the next academic year at the beginning of May.


However, it may be that INTERNaction needs more people on a rolling basis. Check below the available positions or contact us if you wish to join us at any time during the year!


There are currently no available positions, we advise to check this page on a weekly basis to know about new opportunities. 



Whether you are Head or member of one of our Committees, in INTERNaction, you will actively network with Human Rights professionals, fellow passionate students, university bodies and human rights organisations worldwide. All these contacts may come in hand in your future career too!


In INTERNaction, you can meet and bond with inspiring people that are intrinsically passionate and motivated to always learn and make a change in Human Rights. 


You will get first-hand experience in working in a small team, keeping up the good team spirit and the respect of INTERNaction values. Plus, you will create new friendships with students from different countries and backgrounds!


As an INTERNaction member, you are involved with an early social non-profit start-up and actively contribute to the development of INTERNaction. You make a positive change within the university as part of an organisation nominated for the UM Student Award 2020!


Depending on your Committee, INTERNaction gives you the opportunity to develop your creativity and activism via project management, networking, organisational, leadership and public speaking skills.


Within INTERNaction, you contribute to the advocacy and protection of Human Rights by connecting passionate students to local Human Rights organisations worldwide. What we envision is shaping the future young leaders of tomorrow for a long-lasting change center around Human Rights protection.

Normally, applications to become an active member take place in fall. However, it may be that INTERNaction needs more people on a rolling basis. Check above the available positions or contact us if you wish to join us at any time during the year!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Board applications take place? 

The application period for the Board positions will open at the end of every academic year. We are currently still looking for the perfect fit for the positions of Head of Funding & Partnership, Head of Advocacy and Head of Public Relations!

How does the Board application process work?

You can apply by clicking the button "Apply" under each opening position. It will direct you to a page giving you all the ins and outs of your position: why you should apply, what will your tasks be and what you can learn from this experience. On the same page, click "Apply Now": you will have to compile an application form meant to introduce yourself and your motivation to join the Team. Once the application period has closed, we will review all the applications and shortlist candidates for a small interview with a round of "mock" tasks where you can already have an idea of what working in INTERNaction means!

For membership positions, can I apply to more than one Committee?

No, you can apply to only one Committee. This is because each Committee is very different. Joining one of the INTERNaction Committees means working closely with other 4-6 people to achieve specific goals and learning skills that are unique to that Committee. 

Can anyone be part of INTERNaction?

Yes! We are striving to make a very heterogeneous Team, with people from different study backgrounds, gender, age and countries. We believe that diversity is our strength and that anyone can make a difference! 

How is INTERNaction organized? 

INTERNaction is divided into four committees (Internship Committee, Funding & Partnership Committee, Public Relations Committee and Advocacy Committee). Every Committee is made of 4-6 people and supervised by a Head. All four Heads make up, together with the President of INTERNaction, the Board. You can get to know who is currently part of our team here.

How much time does a person need to commit per week?

This will depend on the period of the year, as the workload changes based on the activities of INTERNaction and of its partner NGOs. Normally there are weekly meetings with the Committee and monthly activities involving the whole Team. However, we are all students and we organize the workload in order to have the week of exams and the one prior to it without work as much as possible. More information on the workload for each position will be indicated in the description of the opening.

If you are interested in joining INTERNaction, subscribe to our newsletter  and we will notify you when positions open on a rolling basis.
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