Normally, applications to become an active member take place at the beginning of each academic year. However, it may be that INTERNaction needs more people on a rolling basis. Check below the available positions or contact us if you wish to join us at any time during the year!



Apply before the 21. 1. 2021!

If you are not afraid to think outside of the box and network to get funds for a non-profit human rights cause, you are just the right fit for the position of Head of Funding & Partnership Committee! 

The position requires creativity in thinking of ways to get funds from both public and private institutions. Just to give you an idea, your future team is currently working on the script, ideation and editing of a promotion video to send to potential private donors or to be used on crowdfunding platforms. 



As Head of the Funding & Partnership Committee, you will actively network with financial partners, university bodies, private donors and international investors. All these contacts may come in hand in your future career too!


You will get first-hand experience in managing a small team, ensuring team spirit and the respect of INTERNaction values. Plus, you will create new friendships with students from different countries and backgroundss!


INTERNaction gives you the opportunity to acquire administration, networking, cooperation, leadership and accounting skills.


In INTERNaction, you can meet and bond with inspiring people that are intrinsically passionate and motivated to always learn and make a change. 


Within INTERNaction, you contribute to the advocacy and protection of human rights by connecting passionate students to local human rights organisations worldwide.


As a Board member, you are involved with an early social non-profit start-up and actively contribute to the development of INTERNaction. You make a positive change within the university as part of an organisation nominated for the UM Student Award 2020!



  • Are a Bachelor/ Master student of Maastricht University for the school year 2020/2021;

  • Value transparency, honesty, respect, accountability and empathy;

  • Enjoy connecting with other people and share with them your passion for a cause. Yep, you are the kind of person that can talk and talk with any living thing! 

  • Are fun, creative and cooperative;

  • Can motivate and inspire a team, value teamwork and achieving goals together with others.  


ADDITIONAL ASSETS (not obligatory, apply even if you don't have these!)​:

  • Basic business skills: familiarity with creating a business plan and accounting sheets;

  • Basic Dutch to research the registration and to be in contact with the Dutch belastingsdienst (Tax Officer).



  • As Head, you should be consistent in managing the Committee (2 other students) and ensure the achievement of the yearly goals. You should be able to prepare and lead weekly Committee meetings (3.30h prep + 2.30h of meeting);

  • As an INTERNaction member, you will have the opportunity to bond with all the active members of the other Committees during a monthly plenary meeting (1.5h every first Thursday of the month);

  • As Head, you are automatically a Board member with the other two Heads and the President of INTERNaction. This means you will participate in weekly Board meetings (1h prep + 2h of meeting) and your input will first-hand affect the direction of INTERNaction in the long run. Exciting, isn't it?


  • Networking with UM bodies, financial partners and keeping in touch with them;

  • Researching and applying to funding opportunities;

  • Ideation and execution of initiatives to reach potential donors;

  • Project leading of a promoting video to be used on crowdfunding platforms and to be sent to private donors;

  • Communications with the Law Faculty of Maastricht University, Maastricht University (UM), other faculties of the UM, UM Internship Offices;

  • Financial planning, record keeping and general financial oversight in accordance with the yearly business plan;

  • Ensuring that financial partners know what is INTERNaction's vision, mission and purpose;

  • Preparing and leading the weekly Committee meetings, organising the work amongst different members, ensuring team spirit, unity and accountability of members; 

  • Being accountable to the Head Committee, be proactive within the Board and actively contribute to decisions for the direction of IA;

  • As Board member, implementing the registration of INTERNaction as a "formele vereniging" via notary deed and the opening of INTERNaction bank account;

  • Ensuring INTERNaction's compliance with tax duties and be in contact with the tax authorities.


Frequently Asked Questions

When do applications close? 

The application period for the position of Head & Funding Committee closes the 21.1.2021. So hurry up and submit your application form, it takes few minutes!

How does the application process work?

You can apply by clicking the button "Apply Now!" above and below. You will have to compile an application form meant to introduce yourself and your motivation to join the Team (the most recent version of your CV will also be required). Once the application period has closed, we will review all the applications and shortlist candidates for a small interview with a round of "mock" tasks where you can already have an idea of what working in INTERNaction means!

For membership positions, can I apply to more than one Committee?

No, you can apply to only one Committee. This is because each Committee is very different. Join one of the INTERNaction Committes means working closely with other 2/3 people to achieve specific goals and learning skills that are unique to that Committee. 

Can anyone be part of INTERNaction?

Yes! We are striving to make a very heterogeneous Team, with people from different study backgrounds, age and countries. We believe that diversity is our strength and that anyone can make a difference! 

How is INTERNaction organized? 

INTERNaction is divided into three committees (Internship Committee, Funding & Partnership Committee, Marketing & Advocacy Committee). Every Committee is made of 3/4 people and supervised by a Head. You can get to know who is the Head of each Committee here.

How much time does a person need to commit per week?

This will depend on the period of the year, as the workload changes based on the activities of INTERNaction and of its partner NGOs. Normally there are weekly meetings with the Committee and monthly activities involving the whole Team. However, we are all students and we organize the workload in order to have the week of exams and the one prior to it without work as much as possible. 

If you are interested in joining INTERNaction, subscribe to our newsletter  and we will notify you when positions open on a rolling basis.
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