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If you love the idea of communicating with an international community of students and organisations committed to Human Rights advocacy and protection, then you are the perfect fit for the position of Head of Public Relations

The position entails using our social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook) to ensure that everyone is updated on the new internship opportunities and partnerships of INTERNaction, our webinars, workshops and activities. You will also be updating our website page (no need to know how to do that, it's purely website design) and manage our monthly or bi-weekly newsletter. The network of INTERNaction largely depends on your ability to reach as many students and young professionals as possible, with the aim of shaping the next generation of young Human Rights advocates. Are you in?



As Head of the PR Committee, you will actively network with representatives of our partner organisations, Human Rights professionals, other student associations, the University body and our sponsors committed to make Human Rights the agenda of tomorrow. 


As Head, you will get first-hand experience in leading in a small team & ensuring team spirit to reach the Team's goals. Plus, you will create new friendships with students from different countries and backgrounds!


In INTERNaction, you can meet and bond with inspiring people that are intrinsically passionate and motivated to always learn and make a change in Human Rights. 


As Head of PR, you are involved with an early social non-profit start-up and actively contribute to the development of INTERNaction. You make a positive change within the university as part of an organisation nominated for the UM Student Award 2020!


As Head of the PR Committee, you will be using social media channels and our website to communicate all new internship opportunities, events and achievements of INTERNaction. You will develop marketing, communications, website design and leadership skills. These will make you an asset candidate for future jobs openings in Human Rights and beyond, especially as a Communications Officer. 


As Head of PR, you are the one ensuring that the world knows what INTERNaction is doing. What we envision is shaping the future young leaders of tomorrow for a long-lasting change center around Human Rights protection. And this will start with you!



  • Are a Bachelor/ Master student of Maastricht University for the school year 2021/2022 (it does not matter from which faculty you are);

  • Are committed to advance and protect Human Rights in your life;

  • Value transparency, honesty, respect, accountability and empathy;

  • Are proactive and think outside of the box, to ensure that EVERYONE knows what INTERNaction does and to bring as many students and Human Rights professionals in our community via social media channels, our newsletter and an updated engaging website;

  • Are creative and driven: you can come up with new ideas to improve INTERNaction and execute them even in difficult times;

  • Can motivate and inspire a team, value teamwork and achieving goals together with others; and

  • Are willing to dedicate your free time to our cause.


ADDITIONAL ASSETS (not obligatory, apply even if you don't have these!)​:

  • Prior experience with leading a (small) team;

  • Prior experience with social media content (We use Canva to design posts), photoshop and illustrator;

  • Prior experience with website management (Wix/Wordpress is an asset). 



  • As Head, you should be consistent in managing the Committee and ensure the achievement of the yearly goals. You should be able to prepare and lead weekly Committee meetings (approximately 3h prep + 1.30h of meeting). The workload is not the same every week. For example, you can expect to be busier during the advertising period of internship opportunities and ;

  • As an INTERNaction member, you will have the opportunity to bond with all the active members of the other Committees during a monthly plenary meeting where we play games(1.5h every first Thursday of the month);

  • As Head, you are automatically a Board member with the other three Heads and the President of INTERNaction. This means you will participate in weekly Board meetings (1h prep + 2h of meeting) and your input will first-hand affect the direction of INTERNaction in the long run. You will be the one taking strategic decisions. Exciting, isn't it?


As the Head of the Public Relations Committee:

  • Planning social media strategy to achieve the yearly goals of INTERNaction;

  • Preparing and leading the weekly Committee meetings, organising and supervising the work amongst different members, ensuring team spirit, unity and accountability of members;

  • Coordinating with the Head of Advocacy the social media content for Human Rights advocacy purposes;

  • Updating the website & producing a monthly (or by-weekly) newsletter, in order to communicate to the INTERNaction community the achievements of each Committee, potential new partnerships and internship opportunities, new blog articles and advocacy projects;

  • Getting information from INTERNaction’s internship partners for marketing purposes; 

  • Ensuring social media exposure of INTERNaction’s new partners Human Rights organizations;

  • Communication with our audience and potential internships applicants, who are asking questions about INTERNaction via social media, website and email; 

  • Communication with Maastricht University bodies & financial partners for marketing purposes. 

As the member of the Board:

  • Being accountable to the Board, being proactive within the Board and actively contributing to decisions on the direction of INTERNaction;

  • Determining INTERNaction’s and Committee’s strategies for the academic year and ensuring their successful completion;

  • Application and Selection procedure of the new Committee members;

  • Application and pre-selection procedure for the new Board 2022/2023 and their training.


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