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How to Apply

1) Check the NGOs in the 'Programs' section

2) Choose the one(s) you are mostly interested in

3) Verify whether you meet the eligibility criteria (N.B. they differ for each NGO)

4) Write your CV 

5) Write your motivation letter (N.B. don't forget to address all the questions provided. If you apply for multiple NGOs, a separate motivation letter is required for each one of them)

6) Send both CV and motivation letter in pdf form to our email headoffice@internaction.org by 13th April 2020 by midnight

REMEMBER: the specific number of secured spots at NGOs are only open for students who apply via INTERNaction

How does the Application Process work?

1) Apply until  13th April 2020 by midnight

2) The applications are reviewed by INTERNaction

3) INTERNaction interviews selected applicants via Skype 

4) Files of the best applicants are sent to NGOs for their final decision.

5) Onwards, NGOs review applications and decide on successful applicants; the relevant technicalities are being agreed on. 

6) As a reminder, check with the UM Internship Office at law faculty whether you are eligible to receive credits for the internship - book an appointment with ivar.rezelman@maastrichtuniversity.nl