Check the NGOs and choose the one(s) you are mostly interested in

Verify whether you meet the eligibility criteria (N.B. they differ for each NGO)

REMEMBER: the specific number of secured spots at NGOs are only open for students who apply via INTERNaction



Send both CV and motivation letter in pdf form to our email

INTERNaction will review your application. The best applicants will attend an interview with INTERNaction staff where we will be able to grasp better who you are and what motivates you. 

Successful applications will be sent to our partner NGOs for their final approval. 



Tell us who you are and what drives you to apply for this specific internship. 

Write your CV and motivation letter (N.B. don't forget to address all the questions provided. If you apply for multiple NGOs, a separate motivation letter is required for each one of them)

tell us why

As a reminder, check with the UM Internship Office at law faculty whether you are eligible to receive credits for the internship - book an appointment with 


Once your application(s) have been approved as successful, you are ready to live an experience that will truly change your life for the better.


What is left to do? Apply for your VISA documents, look for an accommodation (N.B. often times the NGO can help with that) and buy your flight ticket! 

What are you waiting for? 



Does the COVID-19 outbreak affect the Summer 2020 internships? 

INTERNaction provides internships for Summer 2020. However, taking into consideration the COVID-19 outbreak, we cannot assure you that all internships summer 2020 will take place. The health and safety of students and NGOs members is the highest priority of INTERNaction. Hence, we continuously monitor the situation via constant contact with our partner NGOs and will keep everyone informed should changes or cancellations be necessary. Currently the applications are partially still open, so if you are interested in having a summer internship to change your future, apply now!

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