PINK -Armenia

"Society, where human rights of all are protected and everybody is accepted regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity and/or gender expression."

PINK works to create a safe space for LGBT+ in Armenia, focusing on equality and social integration of vulnerable groups. Next to training and workshops raising awareness about LGBT+ human rights, sexuality and sexually transmitted infections and gender equality, PINK provides legal, psychological and social work counselling. The vision of PINK is that of contributing to a society where there are no discrimination, inequality, xenophobic reactions towards the LGBT+ community. 


CRCA -Albania

“Working together all of us can bring a prosperous world to children and young people!”

Child Rights Centre Albania (CRCA) aims at protecting children, minorities and women from violence, abuse and exploitation. The CRCA advocates for the promotion of a just society based on human rights and non-discrimination, by means of public statements, letters to officials and public protests. Additionally, CRCA is also concerned with the improvement of future legislative instruments and it indeed researches legal issues related to human rights in Albania and proposes policy changes where necessary. The ultimate goal of CRCA is to promote a society where intolerant and discriminating feelings do not hold against the relevance of the protection of human rights in any circumstance.



"We envision a world in which children grow up in loving and richly nurturing environments in which they can experience the fullness of life."

BREEZE OF HOPE is a Bolivian non-profit organisation contributing to the prevention of sexual violence and other forms of violence (e.g. addiction, ill health, abandonment) against children. Their mission starts from ensuring free support to those who have suffered childhood abuse, by seeking justice on their behalf through the legal prosecution of sexual predators. The core of Breeze of Hope’s strategy is to provide free psychological, social, medical, and legal services to deal with short-term consequences of abused children. In the long-run, Breeze of Hope aims at enabling the restoration and rehabilitation of violence survivors, so to guarantee children the right ‘to grow up in loving and richly nurturing environments in which they can experience the fullness of life’.



"The main condition in compliance with Human Rights principles should be non-discriminatory realisation of all the rights of each person."

ADC Memorial is a non-profit organisation that protects and advocates the rights of minorities and vulnerable groups against any form of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia in the former Soviet Union.


The ADC Memorial action takes shape in different strategies, ranging from legal assistance and advocacy to human rights education by means of reports in the Bulletin of ADC Memorial, regular op-eds and columns and research publications of a series of books and secondary materials for teachers and human rights defenders. 



"People's Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance"

Preda is a non-profit organization advocating for women and children’s rights. It strives to win the freedom and new life for children who have been victims of sexual abuse, sex trafficking and subject to imprisonment in neglected prison facilities. Preda creates a safe environment for the underage victims by providing a special home for boys and girls, where they are given educational support and psychological therapy to circumvent their trauma. Throughout the healing process, Preda aspires to instill the importance of children’s self-worth and dignity, by encouraging and assisting child victims of sex slavery in their journey to justice through legal means.

HAART -Kenya

"A world free from trafficking in persons."

In 2010 a group of passionate lawyers, missionaries and humanitarians with degrees in law, psychology, public health and international development gathered together and founded HAART. It is a non-profit organisation in Nairobi (Kenya) committed the eradication of human trafficking, the exposure of such crime and the empowerment of its victim. Their team follows the UN 4PS paradigm strategy: prevention, protection, prosecution and partnerships. HAART educates on existing forms of human trafficking, such as labour and sexual exploitation (mainly of children), through training of judges and members of parliament. A big focus of HAART is devoted to the youth, which is educated in schools through informative manuals and workshops as well as the promotion of artistic expression. HAART is committed to find the victims of human trafficking, in order to support them with psychological and legal aid and economic fees. Ultimately, HAART believes in a holistic approach to eradicate human trafficking and it seeks partnerships with various stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally to achieve its objective. 



INTERNaction is an intermediary service which connects applicants with the NGOs providing internships. INTERNaction has agreements with the NGOs regarding a specific number of secured spots for applicants applying via INTERNaction. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an internship spot as the number is limited and the final selection is done by the NGOs themselves. 

The successful applicant shall sign a contract with the NGO. INTERNaction shall not be a party to the contract. The successful applicant shall communicate with the NGO and agree on the time and duration of the internship.

There will be no remuneration for the internships. The successful applicant is responsible for financing the internship and his stay in the country (including visa, vaccinations, transport, accommodation, food, and health insurance etc.). The successful applicant is responsible for obtaining visa, required vaccinations, health insurance and accommodation before the start of the internship. INTERNaction does not assume responsibility for any of the abovementioned.
In case of emergency situations during the duration of internship, or unforeseen circumstances, the successful applicant is responsible for himself unless stated otherwise in the contract with the NGO. INTERNaction does not assume any responsibility.



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