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The Marketing & Advocacy Committee


Diana Bernardini

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Ciao! I am Diana and I am the Head of the Marketing & Advocacy Committee. I am originally from Italy. I love cooking for my teammates, motivate them and I spend way too many hours editing our website.

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Sofia Kuzněcova

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Здравствуйте! I am Sofia, originally from Russia and Czech Republic. I deeply love cats, I am  always keep everyone accountable and self-critical. And, I happen to be the designer of INTERNaction: I made the new logo and re-branded the social media feeds.

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Marialena Tsantila

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Χαίρετε! I am Marialena, originally from a Greek island. I love music, I love dancing and art. I believe arts are the means to connect people and raise awareness about Human Rights. I am the energy and artsy vibes, made in one person!


Caleb Whiting-Grant

Hello! I am Caleb and I am from Vermont, USA. I am the advocate for change, which is happening through the blog articles. Oh, also see me in international development in few years!

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