When people are not earning much money themselves, however they decide to share the little wealth they have, with the most impoverished group of people. We need more noble and selfless people like Marlyn Capio Richter in this world.

Marlyn Capio, a human trafficking survivor, who has defeated all odds by dedicating her life to helping other child victims. She has become an inspiration and a savior to many young impressionable children, who have lost their dignity along the way. Besides being a strong activist for children’s rights, she has recently started a small independent project, which aims to help children and their families during the corona-virus crisis in the Philippines.

The project was created primarily as a response to the global pandemic. The Philippines have been on a lock-down since March 15, which came with huge repercussions. One of the biggest issues is an increase in unemployment rate. The low and middle income groups, which mainly rely on daily wages, have endured some of the worst struggles. As a result, Philippine families are often left with a lack of basic resources such as food.

Such challenges of the Philippine citizens has motivated Marlyn Capio to step up and help in solidarity. On her own initiative, she gathered the little sources she still had, and used her own money to help the people in need. Despite the travel restrictions, she begun by feeding the most effected families by the corona-virus, which reside in her area. She further educates parents about the most appropriate food which should be served to their children.

So far, she managed to prepare warm meals for 50 children and gave vegetables and food packages to many individual families. This is however only the beginning. With YOUR HELP, she can reach even more families and provide them with an essential, which many people take for granted – food.


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If there is anything to take away from this article, it is Marlyn Capio’s personal message to all the readers:

'Every minute of our life is priceless and so I use it in a sense to help other people in need. Wealth is nothing, but if you see people whom you help joyful, it makes my heart so filled with love and affection, because I know I have done something good and helped people in need.’

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