Like a warm breeze, summer has finally arrived in the Northern hemisphere of the globe.

Whereas it is true that we can give a break to the busy university and work routine, human rights activism does not stop.

On the contrary, NOW is your opportunity to educate yourself, raise awareness and "infect" others with your drive to fight human rights violations worldwide.

We of INTERNaction are here to provide you with different kinds of sources that may help to answer questions you may have about controversial topics and outrageous injustices that you may have heard of.

We thought it would be best to include various types of sources, as some of you may prefer reading instead of documentaries, or the other way around. All the sources listed have been personally selected by members of INTERNaction based on the learning outcome they personally experienced.

You can easily find the links to all sources below.

We hope you enjoy your learning journey. Share these sources with your friends and family to spread awareness!


Be the human rights activist that is in you and join us in the advocacy for equality and justice!

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