Speaking of #UNTOLD PRIDE

June is #PrideMonth, we want to speak out about the #UntoldPride.

The recent events of the #BLM movement has revealed the subtle, often unaware, ignorance of those who do not belong to a minority group subject to #discriminations and social #inequalities. Racism is rooted in human history and everyone shall have an equal share of the fight to end it.

This holds for any discrimination. It is not enough to say "But I am not racist". It is not enough to say "But I don't have anything against gay people". In our world, it is not enough to perceive yourself as not racist, homophobic, misogynist or discriminatory in any sense.

This is why INTERNaction, in light of the current events, has thought of a way to draw attention to the #UntoldPride of all those still facing institutionalised threat to their lives for being their genuine self. We do not want to forget them, we cannot.

Stay tuned for #UntoldPride articles and join our advocacy:

  • Learn, read, seek out information, raise your awareness

  • Analyse yourself, listen to your words, scrutinise your actions

  • Seek in yourself rooted discriminatory prejudices, face them, do not be afraid to do admit your mistakes

  • If you find yourself expressing discriminatory tendencies in some way, do not condemn yourself: take this opportunity to de-construct yourself and change for the better

  • Engage in discussions with fellow friends and family, challenge yourself and their views

  • Join the advocacy for human rights, against any discrimination, inequality and outrageous social division

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