Team Highlight: Aino Kosunen

I am Aino, a second-year ELS student from Finland. I have been a part of the internship committee of INTERNaction this academic year 2020/2021. When I asked my committee members to describe me, they said I am a creative, empathetic person with a positive attitude.

Why Join INTERNaction?

At the beginning of this school year, I was wondering which student organization I would like to take a part in when a friend of mine mentioned INTERNaction to me. That was the first time I heard about IA. As a person wanting to work in the field of human rights in the future, I loved the idea of making human rights internships more accessible since the competition is extremely tough. Moreover, what differentiated INTERNaction from the other student associations I was considering applying to was the fact that it is such a new and small organization. I felt that in a smaller and younger association, my contribution would have a bigger impact on the future of the organization. I decided to apply to the internship committee since I was very interested in connecting with NGOs worldwide and learning about their work.

The Internship Committee

The main task of the internship committee is to find new partner organizations, where students of Maastricht University could conduct internships in. Therefore, we are constantly searching for new partner NGOs and think-tanks in the field of human rights, whose work we value and respect, and where we see students could conduct educational and enjoyable internships. When partnering up with an organisation, we want to make sure that both parties truly benefit from the cooperation, meaning that they provide us with secured spots for students applying through us and we give them talented interns who are eager to make a change. For each partner we have, there are tens of unsuccessful proposals sent.

Final Thoughts:

Working with INTERNaction has taken many hours – some filled with stress and frustration, and others with accomplishments and laughter. I am extremely proud of what we’ve achieved this year and what is still yet to come. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of INTERNaction, and more importantly, to be able to bring human rights internships more accessible to passionate and purpose-driven students. In addition to all this, I’ve made amazing like-minded people who I can call my friends.

Aino Kosunen

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