Team Highlight: Milica Mijajlovic

Milica is a second-year European Law Student and the newest member of the Funding and Partnership Committee! Her unique perspectives and interests make her a valuable asset for INTERNaction.

Who is Milica?

Inspired primarily by an interest in Fundraising, Corporate Law and Human Rights Work (but also by the monotony of Corona), Milica Mijajlovic took time off from studying European Law to apply for the INTERNaction Head of Funding and Partnership position. Not expecting to hear back from them, she was surprised when she received the email asking for an interview. “I was telling my friends, how the hell is this gonna go? ... It was about an hour and a half long, and such an amazing experience.” Though she hadn’t directed a student organization like an INTERNaction committee before, and so was not immediately the best fit for Head of Funding and Partnership, it was also clear that the amount of enthusiasm, prior human rights knowledge, and drive would all be assets to IA. Milica is now a member of the Funding and Partnership Committee which she applied to and running for student council of the Law Faculty.

The IA Profile?:

According to Milica, though passion and interest for Human Rights work are important for Joining IA, what is truly necessary is an interest in running the organization itself. “Anyone can join INTERNaction, so long as they are interested in the organization itself, can work hard, and are motivated.” Indeed, Milica sees herself practising corporate law after university instead of Human Rights Law. This perspective is interesting because it downplays the importance of HR as a motivating factor, instead of focusing more on organizational management. This perspective is also well suited for the Funding and Partnership Committee because it is far more focused on IA as a Student Organization, largely working with contracts and networking, while other committees such as M&A focus more on topical human Rights messaging.

Related Career Paths for IA Alumni?:

As was mentioned in the prior paragraph, Milica sees herself studying Corporate Law after graduating from a master's program. She herself acknowledges that this may not be the norm for most IA members, however. Others intend to join Human Rights Law Firms, NGOs, and Government Offices. I, myself (Caleb Whiting-Grant) am looking seriously at international development consultancy, for example, and would like to eventually work for a Development Consultancy firm or NGO. Though the potential career paths are quite diverse, IA allows all volunteers to become acquainted with organizational maintenance, networking, and human rights work.

Final Thoughts:

Milica offers IA a new perspective, focused more on organizational management than strictly Human Rights Work. This diversity of perspectives is deeply important in creating a more well-rounded Student Lead Organization. We here at INTERNaction are happy to welcome her to our organization.

Milica Mijajlovic

Caleb Whiting-Grant

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