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Preda Foundation

PREDA: About Us

Preda is a non-profit organization advocating for women and children’s rights. It strives to win the freedom and new life for children who have been victims of sexual abuse, sex trafficking and subject to imprisonment in neglected prison facilities. Preda creates a safe environment for the underage victims by providing a special home for boys and girls, where they are given educational support and psychological therapy to circumvent their trauma. Throughout the healing process, Preda aspires to instill the importance of children’s self-worth and dignity, by encouraging and assisting child victims of sex slavery in their journey to justice through legal means.


On her internship at PREDA >


Conducting an internship at PREDA was an enriching and humbling experience to say the least. Encouraging victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking to fight for justice through legal means and seeing the success with your own eyes was the most fulfilling part of the whole experience. I believe that the unique system of interns being able to interact with the victims of such heinous crimes increases the persons’ understanding of the psychological/mental effects of abused children, which is oftentimes forgotten.

What you will do

  • Review legal cases

  • Attend court hearings 

  • Interact with the victims 

  • Work on international legal cases about human trafficking

  • Research about potential suspects

Timing and Duration 

No specific duration is required. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Maastricht University student (Bachelor/Master)

  • Law faculty students or attending law related courses 

  • Passionate about human rights 

N.B. This internship is unpaid, there is no remuneration provided. 

Specific Application Requirements 

Please send us your CV and motivation letter in which you answer the two following questions:

  1. Reflect about yourself (personality characters, educational background, previous experience etc.), how can you contribute to the NGO you are applying to? 

  2. Do you have knowledge of human rights violations worldwide that are closely connected with the work of the NGO you are applying for? What drives you to work in this specific human rights field? ​

  3. Don't forget to specify when you would like to have the internship (initial and final date of the duration of the internship), in order to smoothen the required arrangements with the NGO.

N.B. if you wish to extend the internship to the new academic year, this may be arranged depending on the NGO's availability. ​

The motivation letter shall not exceed one A4 page - in Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing. Please send your CV and motivation letter in pdf form to

More about PREDA

Who is Father Shay? 

Father Shay Cullen founded PREDA in 1973 in Olongapo City (Philippines) in order to enable the youth to heal their suffering  of being rejected and abused by parents and the community. His commitment for rescuing children concretised in 1983 with the famous campaign against the sex tourist industry driven by US military bases in the country, leading to a law suit filed before the Washington DC International Court of Complaints. In 1992, after the destructive powers of Mt. Pinatubo, Fr Shay Cullen started denouncing the inhuman conditions of juvenile prisoners in Filipino jails, bringing to the enactment of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act.

Learn more about PREDA and Fr Shay

Do you have any question about the PREDA Internship? 

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